Gov. Bill Lee Visits Important Rural Counties

DAYTON, Tennessee (WDEF) – Dayton Coffee Shop played host to one of Governor Bill Lee’s visits. Lee spoke on several topics including the importance of rural Tennessee.

“My first executive order as governor. Executive order number one, was for every department in the government to present a strategic plan to me on how that department whether it was health, protection, mental health all 23 submit a strategic plan on how their work would possibly impact rural counties,” said Lee.

Lee spoke to a few dozen people in Dayton today about Tennessee’s economy and answered questions from attendees, including the current mental health situation going on in Tennessee.

“We really believe that youth mental health is at a bit of a crisis point and we need intervention long before that child becomes an adult to keep them from becoming that one with the most complex psychiatric and mental health challenges,” said Lee.

And the current state education system.

“We’re committed to it and we wanted to show that commitment this year. But, we’re also committed to constantly looking for input. Again, that’s another thing I would say especially on this new funding formula input is going to be what’s needed for the next four or five, six, seven years as we watch this play out and see how it works,” said Lee.

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