Governor Bill Lee Calls for Day of Fasting and Prayer in Tennessee

Chattanooga, Tenn. (WDEF) — Tennessee Churches opened their doors today for people to come in and pray as part of Governor Bill Lee’s Proclamation of a day of Prayer and Fasting.

Although the observance involved mostly churches in middle Tennessee, Chattanoogans also took part.

(Praying) – “We thank you that we can come before you and just lift up our needs. . .”

“We invite all Tennesseans to join us their homes, in the community and their place of worship Fast and pray for God’s favor, and blessing on the people of Tennessee,” said Governor Bill Lee.

The Governor told Tennesseans that people have been telling him that they were praying for him and his family ever since his election, and he felt it would be a good time to involve every community, all praying on the same day.

In Chattanooga, Pastors gathered at Ridgedale Baptist Church at noon. They combined their scheduled prayer meetings for this special day.

SOT–DENNIS CULBRETH, DIR. OF MISSIONS, HAMILTON COUNTY BAPTIST ASSOC. IN:03:55 :42 “We prayed for our churches and the pastors of those churches, we prayed for our local government..we prayed for our, the mayors..not only for the county, but of the city. And we prayed for our state representatives, our senators..and our governor and then we prayed for our national leaders,” said Dennis Culbreth, Director of Missions for The Hamilton County Baptist Association.

Governor Lee says days like this one strengthen everyone.

“Prayer strengthens our families and it strengthens our communities, strengthens our relationship with our neighbors, strengthens our relationship with God Himself,” said Gov. Lee.

Not everyone was happy about the Tennessee day of prayer…but that was no surprise to the pastors.

“I hope that the idea of praying is not so out of fashion with people that the critical voices can win out over that. There’s – to me it doesn’t seem that anything better that we could do than to call on, to call on God to help our nation. There’s no higher power,” said Earnie Burfitt, Senior Pastor, New Bethel Baptist Church.

The Day of Prayer and Fasting in Tennessee was generally a low-key event…but most of the participants hope it will become a regular observance.

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