Governor Lee tours vocational programs at Cleveland High School

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — After touring Cleveland High School, Governor Bill Lee says it is a model for the state when it comes to vocational programs.

It might look like an emergency room, but it’s part of Cleveland High School’s health science lab. Students get to experience what it would be like to work in the medical field.

Governor Bill Lee toured the school to see its vocational programs.

“Part of the attractiveness of that is that it is attractive to students. It makes kids want to learn, it makes them want to enjoy their high school experience. It makes them think about what they are going to do in their future,” Governor Lee said.

He also saw what students created in robotics. Governor Lee then got to experience this flight simulator.

Under the Governor’s Investment in Vocational Education Act, or Give Act, $1 million grants were recently given to help 25 programs like this throughout the state. Principal Autumn O’Bryan says it’s beneficial for the students.

“All we have to do is put the students out and press play. They just do a really great job of highlighting the experiences that they are having at our school. That makes me really proud to be able to hear their passion, hear their excitement about programs that we are offering them,” O’Bryan said.

Governor Lee says it is important to make sure teachers are paid competitively and that they are working in positive environments.

“Anytime we can engage with teachers and school leaders and support them in ways each beyond pay, that is going to improve our educational system,” Governor Lee said.

He hopes more schools across the state will be able to have these programs.

“We want to duplicate this and expand this and give opportunities for children across Tennessee particularly in vocational and technical and agricultural fields, very exciting work that is being done right here in Cleveland,” Governor Lee said.

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