The Grinch who stole iPads from young cancer patients at Austin Hatcher Foundation

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer has been victimized by a “Grinch.”

The organization reports that someone stole two iPads from their downtown facility.

They were use as cognitive testing tools for young caner patients and their parents.

The theft came as the Foundation was preparing an expansion of those services for next year.

But officials say no patient medical information or testing data was lost since it was stored on the cloud.

“To say that we were stunned – and remain stunned – by this theft is an understatement,” said Austin Hatcher Foundation President Amy Jo Osborn.

“This is a setback for us financially and in terms of reduced ability to provide programs and services. We remain hopeful of recovering the iPads.”

“The ‘Grinch’ story had a happy ending. Hopefully we will, as well.”

Find out how you can help by calling (423) 838-4045.

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