Group prays at Bradley Central following complaint about prayer at game

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – A group of students, parents and community members in Bradley County came together earlier today for a prayer event at Bradley Central High School after a complaint was filed against the school.

Someone complained after a video was shared on social media of a student praying over the speakers from the press box.  This group says that they came together to send a message of love and not in protest of this complaint.

Cade Baker says “I definitely wanted to send a message that we are not angry, we’re not protesting, we’re here to love everybody and we just wanted to come together as believers to support one another and love each other during this time.”

CJ Beck, Bradley Central High, says, “I will pray for that person every day and I will pray that that person will find peace in this or find peace in God whatever they need to do to be okay with it.”

Students, past and present, were joined hands on the field and prayed together.  We reached out to the person who filed the complaint and that person says, in part,  “If I were to disregard laws, I would face consequences. The school district should not be immune from the law. My ultimate goal in filing the complaints is very simple: I want the school district to follow the law. The supreme court decision banning prayer over the PA system at football games was decided 18 years ago.”

Bradly County schools have had nearly two decades to follow the law. It’s time someone made them do it.

She says she will also be filing a complaint tomorrow about this event on school property.


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