Group protests in Chattanooga the rumored chicken plant coming to Walker County

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – A group of Walker County citizens protested in Chattanooga Thursday about the rumored chicken plant coming to Walker County.

It was a small crowd of residents but they say they are making a big statement on behalf of their neighbors.

They believe that their voices should be heard even if there isn’t a deal drafted and definitely before it’s set in stone.

Blackwell Smith, who has lived in Walker County for 30 years says, “We are against a chicken plant in the most beautiful, rural place in North West Georgia.”

Protestors stood outside of the Pilgrims Pride plant Thursday in downtown Chattanooga to show their displeasure for the rumored plant coming to Walker County.

Ruth Almeter, resident, says “mainly we just want some answers we want at some facts. No one will talk to us about is it rumor is it not.”

Walker County Sole Commissioner Shannon Whitfield released a statement last week responding to a lawsuit about the rumor. He acknowledged the financial issues plaguing the county and their discussions with companies about coming to the county overall.

Whitfield said last week that “we simply cannot rely on property taxes along to pay off the crippling debt we all sadly inherited. I gave you my pledge that I will not be deterred from working with businesses and industries interested in investing in Walker County.”

Almeter says “we are asking is that our county will not aid or help them or give them any incentive to come to Walker County. that’s all were asking because we are residence and taxpayers to and we are see it doing nothing but damage to the area.”

These protestors also believe that this plant will have impacts on tourism.

Smither believes “the Iron Man goes right by this place and one of the reasons that the Iron Man went out there is because it’s a beautiful place.”

They believe infrastructure costs will also burden the residents.

“If these trucks want to get to and from the interstate, they’re going to have to drive all over and the taxpayers are going to have to support the expansion of the roads,” says Almeter.


Walker County Statement released last week:

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