Groups Gather at Confederate Statue at Hamilton County Courthouse

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The NAACP and other groups are calling for the removal of a Confederate statue that sits in front of the Hamilton County Courthouse.

Sunday afternoon, they marched to the statue holding signs, while protesting the statue of General Alexander P. Stewart.

Many people were holding signs reading “All people are equal, love wins” and “Jim Crow must go”.

The group was marching for inequality and injustice.

They’re asking for the statue to be moved to an appropriate place like a museum or park.

Chattanooga NAACP President Dr. Elenora Woods said, “This is a neutral zone. This is a place where everybody should feel free to come in here. We know when that statue was placed here it was during Jim Crow era and during a time when African Americans were seeking justice and freedom and equality. And those were put there specifically to say to black folks ‘You’re not gonna get equal, equality and justice when you come through this door’ and to say to white people ‘You’re still in control’.”

Meanwhile, Trump supporters with a community action group called Project 45 gathered in the same spot asking for the statue to stay saying it shows where the country has been and how far we’ve come.

They say instead of discussing the statue what needs to be the focus is violent crime in the city.

Jack Burke of Project 45 said, “I would be more than happy to take this march, and march with these people, like I said, down the street and let’s go after a real issue. Let’s go after the systematic take down of these neighborhoods where black on black crime is at a high rate. Let’s go and let’s address real problems that are happening here in Chattanooga.”

The march was peaceful.

Commission is scheduled to vote on the statue next week.

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