Groups react to Chattanooga Volkswagen election decision

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — After dates are set for Volkswagen workers to vote on whether they want to join the union, people on both sides of the issue are reacting.

Now that National Labor Relations Board announced there will be an election for Chattanooga VW workers to decide whether to join the UAW ads are flooding our screens.

The vote will take place on June 12 through 14. Groups for and against joining the union agree this election is a good thing.

“We are glad that they have gone ahead to schedule a date. That gives us some solidity and an expectation to when that date will be. We are glad that we now get a date to look forward to and to plan for,” said Maury Nicely, an attorney for Southern Momentum. The organization is made up of workers against joining the UAW.

“We are very happy and excited that they are finally going to get that chance to vote,” said Stephen Russell, with SEIU.

Those representing VW workers against joining the union feel it would have a negative impact on the workplace.

“It all boils down to the fact that we do not believe that the UAW would be good for this Volkswagen factory, for these team members at Volkswagen or for this community and the city of Chattanooga as a whole,” Nicely said.

Members of some labor groups disagree. They are for VW workers joining the UAW.

“I think it is great because it gives the workers a voice in making decisions in an organization. Whether it be to improve working conditions or the way the treatment of employees. So I think it is a benefit for everyone,” Russell said.

People on both sides are now focusing on getting their message out there before the vote.

Back in 2014, there was an election where VW workers voted against joining the union.

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