Grundy County Opens 7 Million Dollar Detention Center

Most communities don’t spend a lot of time celebrating the opening of a new jail.
But for Grundy county, the new justice complex is more than just a lockup—it finally meets state standards and in fact…is a source of revenue.

The old Grundy county detention center was frequently over capacity.
At a cost of some 7-million dollars, this new one is a bargain. There’s room for 114 inmates instead of the 34 in the old facility.

SHERIFF CLINT SHRUM, GRUNDY COUNTY  “What happened 20, 25 years ago ..uh, when the jail lost its certification was the fact that the physical plant and the building just started being..was dilapidated and so the building couldn’t pass, uh, a physical inspection. And so, it just took us a little while to get here.”

Shrum has added 8 new employees but he feel with other savings and the addition of the housing of state inmates now, a tax increase will not be necessary. ”

SHERIFF SHRUM  “The county gets paid for housing those state inmates. Oh, we get 37-dollars a day and uh, and we paid for its a revenue source, if you would, for us.”

Grundy county mayor Mike Brady , has been trying to get the jail built since he became a councilman—7 years ago.

MAYOR MICHAEL BRADY, GRUNDY COUNTY  “We pursued every avenue possible to make the facility the lease cost burden on the citizens as possible. Commissary, medical, housing TDOC, kudoes to the sheriff for his work in that endeavor.”

The county is also saving money because the jail is within walking distance of the courts building, and it has on-site medical treatment.

CLARK WEATHERLY  “Anything that basically that you can get done at a regular doctor’s office on the street..we can do in house here.”

There’s a recovery and reentry teaching program at the jail which has already graduated three inmates with GED’s.

DANA RASCH, AMERICORPS VISTA VOLUNTEER  “… other inmates, uh, who dropped out of school maybe in 8th or 9th grade actually say, wow, you know,..if he did it I know I can do it.”

SHERIFF SHRUM  So, if we can send them out a better person ..then they’re going to be a better person to society and that’s what we’re looking to do.”

Sheriff Shrum and his staff moved into the new jail in November.

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