Grundy County Sheriff’s Office lip sync video goes viral

GRUNDY COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – It started with a challenge from people in the community who wanted to see the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office lip sync.

“One night, a weekend night I was sitting around flipping through songs thinking about what would be an easy song a fun song and it just popped to me ‘Dooley’ off of ‘Andy Griffith Show,” Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum said.

Sheriff Shrum said he got some of his officers together.

They brought instruments.

And they spent an hour at the sheriff’s office strumming away and singing for this lip sync video.

“The mandolin that you see was actually made by an inmate that morning, yeah, it’s not a real mandolin, but it looks like it,” Sheriff Shrum said.

They then uploaded the video to Facebook on Wednesday.

“We didn’t expect what has happened. We got about a million hits in 27 hours. It just went crazy. About 5 million people had been reached,” Sheriff Shrum said.

Sheriff Shrum said they’ve received positive reviews from people in the community and beyond.

“Had some folks say, hey, we think you’re really doing this would you come a perform at this show or that and so it’s been kind of fun. We’re not really doing it. We’ve talked about it today maybe we need to go on a lip sync tour,” Sheriff Shrum said.

While they weren’t actually singing and playing, a few of the deputies can actually play the banjo and guitar.

Sheriff Shrum said he can’t play the guitar, but he can play the drums.

“The guys standing in the back, they can’t play anything they were just there kind of for support, but they did a good job,” Sheriff Shrum said.

As for the the song choice, it was all about the community.

The inspiration, Bluegrass Underground that recently moved to Grundy County.

Also, Sheriff Shrum said there’s a hidden tribute to a longtime deputy.

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