Gun debate carries on

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Just one day after four gun law proposals were rejected in the U.S. Senate, lawmakers have announced that a compromise to keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorist is currently in the works.

Former Chattanooga police officer turned Shooter’s Depot firearms instructor Mark Haskins weighs was asked by News 12 about four proposals that were voted down.

“Well it doesn’t surprise me that the two political sides don’t agree, however at least they are working on it. Maybe eventually they will work out a compromise so at least they are trying to do something,” Haskins said.

One of the proposals voted down would have increased funding for the background check system.

The second proposal would have expanded background check requirements for private and online gun sales.

A third proposal sponsored by republicans would have allowed federal law enforcement officers to delay gun sales to suspected terrorists and people on a no-fly list for three days; providing there was probable cause.

A fourth proposal sponsored by Democrats would have allowed the attorney general to halt gun sales to suspected terrorists and people on a no-fly list and allow individuals to appeal to the Department of Justice if they were denied a firearm. The third and fourth proposals were and continue to be a bit tricky.

“The problem with the no-fly list from what I’ve seen is who determines how you get on that. It has already been mentioned in the news that people have been mistakenly put on those list. And some people didn’t know they were on the list. How do you get off that list if it is a mistake?,” Haskins said.

The debate over who can buy a firearm is very personal in Chattanooga. Gun experts say there was a spike in gun sales after the July 16th terror attack in Chattanooga that left five servicemen dead and one police officers wounded.

“And now were also starting to see an increase after the Orlando shooting,” Haskins said.

Haskins went on to say that lawmakers need to place a lot more focus on stiffer penalties for people who illegally use guns.

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