Hamilton Co. 5th Graders Prove Kindness Matters

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Mia Maxwell is one out of nine students at Spring Creek Elementary who was caught in the act of doing something kind, like cleaning up her classroom.

Mia says, "I really wasn’t expecting this."

Tyvieon Wilkerson, another 5th grader, has made it his job to open doors for fellow classmates.

He adds, "It feels nice to help other people out instead of helping yourself out."

It’s that mentality that got these 5th graders recognized by an organization called STARS or Students Taking a Right Stand.

The group started a Kindness Matters campaign at 18 Hamilton County Elementary Schools.

Charles Morrow, says, "It gives me hope because in past generations you rarely saw kind acts and if you did it was rare."

Students initially took a pledge to be kind.

Then, faculty and staff had their eyes peeled, looking for the next student to make a real difference.

At the end of every quarter, big-hearted students are awarded with a t-shirt, certificate, and maybe bragging rights for family members.

Anthony Robinson, a parent, says, "It feels very good to see her recognized for it. It really does."

Noel Maxwell, another parent, adds, "Very proud of her that somebody got see what we see."

Parents and students hope these small acts will some day translate into big changes throughout the school system.

Robinson adds, "I agree, without a doubt. I think it would make a change."

So far, the program is only geared toward 5th graders.

If you would like more information on it, go to www.starschatt.net.

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