Hamilton County Corrections seeing more job openings than normal, holding job fair

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office wants to hire corrections officers.

And, they’re taking a different approach at recruiting by having a job fair and offering a $500 dollar incentive for new hires.

“Because we have so many vacancies, we’re just trying to think outside the box. So even this one day hiring event, it’s the first time it’s ever been done for the Sheriff’s Office and the Corrections Division. So we’re trying to be creative on how to recruit and hire,” Corrections Deputy Chief Joe Fowler said.

The Corrections Division currently has 31 openings and that’s more than normal.

Fully staffed, they have 173 budgeted positions.

Deputy Chief Fowler said that finding the right candidates who can meet their requirements can make recruiting difficult.

“To be able to work at the sheriff’s office and specifically corrections, we’re looking for the right kind of mentality. People have to have integrity,” he said.

They also have to be able to pass a background check, polygraph test, a medical and psychological evaluation as well as a physical agility test.

“It’s not that challenging. We do one minute of push-ups, one minutes of sit-ups and then we run a couple flights of stairs and then do a dummy drag to simulate having to move an officer out of an area,” Deputy Chief Fowler said.

They’re hiring both Corrections Deputies for ages 21 and older and Corrections Services Officers for ages 18 to 20.

“One of the reasons why the Sheriff got approval to expand the position of service officer is we saw that some of the applicants between the age of 18 and before reaching 21 we’re doing things that were prohibiting them from being employed here as a corrections officer. So we’re trying to get them at a younger age so that before they make some mistakes that would prohibit them from being hired,” Deputy Chief Fowler said.

When it comes keeping officers on board, Fowler said officers often leave to work in patrol.

He said it’s also hard to retain people when they there are lots of positions to fill.

Salary for the positions start at around $30,000 and $34,000 with benefits.

The hiring event is on Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the jail, 601 Walnut Street.

Applicants need to bring a copy of their high school diploma or GED and college diploma if they have one, valid driver’s license and social security card.

Veterans must have DD214 form.

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