Hamilton County Deputy Indicted, Sheriff makes statement

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – A Hamilton County Grand Jury handed down indictments against Deputy Daniel Wilkey over incidents he is accused of while on duty.

Wilkey faces multiple complaints in several lawsuits.

He is already under investigation after being accused of a cavity search of a man during a roadside traffic stop last spring.

Later Wilkey, and Deputy Jacob Goforth were accused of abducting a suspect and baptizing her in Soddy Lake.

According to attorney Robin Flores, another complaint has been added.

In a lawsuit filed against Hamilton County and the deputies in October, Flores claims Wilkey inappropriately touched a 14 year old girl during a search.

That’s after she and 6 other minors were stopped by deputies Wilkey and Goforth back in April.

Deputy Wilkey is currently at the Hamilton County Jail after the Grand Jury indictment.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond released this statement about Deputy Wilkey.

“As an employee of the HCSO, Deputy Wilkey is covered under Civil Service which requires this agency to follow a specific process as to how his employment status is addressed during the investigative phase and once formal charges have been issued. In accordance with Civil Service guidelines, a Pre-Determination Hearing will be scheduled to address Deputy Wilkey’s employment status.

Throughout this process, my staff and I will continue to cooperate with the District Attorney’s Office and provide any evidence or records necessary to aid in their investigation.

In the days that follow, I want to reassure our community, each and every day the men and women of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office are to perform their duties in a deliberate, honorable, and professional manner. We are charged to protect this community and its citizens and this is a responsibility I take very seriously.

My staff and I will continue to follow the steps laid out by Civil Service and cooperate with the District Attorney’s Office throughout the course of this investigation.”

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