Hamilton County Golf Course reopens under special limitations

Hamilton County, Tenn (WDEF) – We are day two into the state of Tennessee’s reopening process.

And many companies are hard at work making sure their business is safe for customers. 

Bear Trace Golf Course, located on Harrison Bay, reopened over the weekend.

They are describing their reopening as a soft one since they are only opening certain parts of the course.

Golf Course Manager, Robin Boyer, says while they may be open, they are still working to figure things out for the future. 

“So right now we are just trying to get a handle on the whole thing. We are limiting the number of people on the golf course. At some point we want to open back up and get in as many rounds as we can.  It’s just not the time for that right now,” says Robin Boyer, Bear Trace Golf Course Manager. 

Bear Trace Golf Course officials say they have implemented several new procedures to help keep employees and golfers safe. 

The Golf course has spread out their tee times to make sure that there are less golfers on the course at once.

Golf carts are still available but not after three o’clock – so if you want to golf in the afternoon, you will have to walk.

The golf course has taken away all sand rakes and there is a pvc pipe catching the golf balls before they drop all the way into the hole.

In addition, management is asking guests not to remove any flagsticks.

Boyer says they are happy with where they are right now and are excited to be reopened. 

“We would like to get back to some sense of normalcy at some point. This is good for us right now. It’s a slow start. We hope to increase rounds here shortly and at some point open the clubhouse back up and then at some point open the driving range as well,” says Boyer. 

For more information about the golf course and the new guidelines click here


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