Hamilton County jail to receive additional funding

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Hamilton County jail has outlived its usefulness, according to Mayor Coppinger and Sheriff Jim Hammond.

As part of the plan announced by the mayor, the sheriff will take over management of the Silverdale workhouse, and will be able to move prisoners from his overcrowded jail as necessary.

The additional funding will allow improvements and the addition of 120 more beds at Silverdale.

But there are other issues, too.

Sheriff Hammond said, “The areas in particular…mental health. We’ve got to do something about the mental health problem in jail. We have far too many females in jail. We have homeless in the jail. We have vets in jail. We have federal prisoners… so classification becomes a nightmare, and we think with some of the things that I’ll probably be revealing over the next few weeks, we can help save money (tax dollars) and make it a better facility.”

The 1977 jail downtown will eventually be phased out.

A new one would cost more than 100-million dollars.

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