Hamilton County launches 2017-2018 school year

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – Some 42 thousand public school students in Hamilton county made their way to class this morning, launching the 2017, 2018 school year.

All of the top leaders from central office were out at the schools to welcome students and teachers.

News 12’s Bill Mitchell and photojournalist Ashley Henderson give us a look at what goes on as everyone experiences first-day jitters.

Starting school on a thursday allows everyone to settle-in to a routine–that usually means working out a few problems.

Calvin Donaldson School Principal Megan Bray said, “…Yeah, all of that! But that’s part of first day. Not enough parking, buses late..but that’s not a big deal ..because that’s what it is..first day of school.”

For Megan Bray…it’s a new challenge—her first time as a principal.

She explained, “..and teachers have first day jitters. So we spend time.. just common fears, making everybody feel o.k.—building relationships so that the year is set off in a positive tone and we are set for success.”

Chief Academic Officer Jill Levine is visiting 6 schools today.

Levine said, “Every school is different. We have 75 schools–every one has their own personalities…so there are different ones for different schools. Different teaching styles and strategies. We have art schools and science schools and I.B. schools…so, uh, that’s one of the things that makes our schools particularly special.”

Parent Lakisha Moore knows her way around this building.

She said, “Actually I have one this year. But I have four children and I have been at Calvin Donaldson ..without my children for about 14-15 years.”

Overall.. 2017-18 offers some new opportunities for local students. Many of the schools have specialized curriculum.

Officer Jill Levine stated, “We’re also opening a new polytechnic school at Chatt state. Uh, and a program, a school at Gestamp where students will work half a day and go to school half a day ..so lot’s of great new stuff this year.”

And,as you might expect, Hamilton county schools developed lesson plans for all schools and all grades dealing with the eclipse.

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