Hamilton County School Board, Commission hold joint meeting

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – Hamilton County School Board Members and Commissioners got together for a joint meeting over priorities.

The meeting was at Red Bank Middle School Monday night.

“We need to know what both boards agree upon what should be included in the budget and then the responsibility comes later about how do you fund these types of things. So tonight was not a night to discuss funding,” Mayor Jim Coppinger said.

School Board Members and commissioners had a conversation over some of the topics they felt are important to education, like reading proficiency.

They also talked about the school board’s six goals that include providing a safe, clean and orderly environment.

“That is more important to parents than almost anything you ask them the number one reason they put their kids in private school. The number one reason is student safety, so we need to get that under control. If you get that under control, Randy, a lot of these other things take care of themselves,” School Board Member Rhonda Thurman said.

But not everyone in the audience agreed with what was being discussed.

There was no input from the crowd, but some people did hold up cards to express how they felt with green meaning agree and red meaning disagree.

“We’re what’s missing from the conversation, from the conversation,” Kendra Young said.

The meeting left Hamilton County Teacher and Hamilton County United organization founder Kendra Young concerned.

“I was extremely frustrated that money and funding and budgets were not discussed that is of course the number one issue right now for teachers. I was also extremely frustrated to, extremely frustrated with the fact that we sat here and they discussed what was most important to K-3 education with a room full of teachers here, and not one person turned and asked the teachers in the room what we felt was most important in K-3 education.”

Mayor Coppinger expressed disappointment that no action plan came out of the meeting, but says it sets up for a possible future event to talk action plans.

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