Hamilton County School Board has intense Budget discussions

It costs nearly 2 million dollars a day to run Hamilton County schools. That is why today’s school board discussion was important. They were finalizing and voting on the budget for next school year….

In a special session today, the Hamilton County School Board met to discuss and vote on the budget for the upcoming school year…Rhoda Thurman voted against the approval of the budget and was very outspoken during today’s meeting…

“We are going to have to change the way we do business, because this is not the way to run a railroad, and I can tell you that right now.”

Discussion ranged from amounts allocated for teacher pay increases to facility maintenance …Board member Karista Mosley made it clear that it isn’t because of a lack of want to do this. It is a simple lack of funds….

“If we had the bank account to do all of that. I would love to see Brainerd keep broadcasting just like I would love to see Sale Creek get the teachers that they need, but we don’t have the money for that.”

With board members asking dozens of questions during the session just before the vote, David Testerman voiced his support for the budget ….

“Get your answers because I got my answers. I think we got a good budget.”

When it was put to a vote, Dr. Martin, Dr. Welch, and Thurman all voted against the budget…


The only other topic up for discussion today was sending out a request for proposals for a superintendent search firm. The board has not assigned a dollar figure, so they will be able to see what is proposed … Thurman said the search firm is the cheapest part of the search process.

“We get candidates to come in. We pay for their over night stay. We pay all of their meetings in all 9 districts. We pay for all of the meetings, the meet and greets we have at the Chattanooga and the Trade Center and all of that, so I want the board to be aware. I guess we have money in the budget somewhere for that,”

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