Here is the final Facilities Master Plan

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn (WDEF) – MGT consulting was faced with the task of creating a master plan for the Hamilton County school board.

Tuesday night, the final revision of the 10 year master plan was revealed.

This plan includes closing 9 sites, creating 11 new buildings, and completing 27 renovation projects.

But the price for this plan doesn’t come cheap, it is projected to cost about 891 million dollars.

“We knew it was going to be a tremendous number and it is certainly going to be a very heavy lift as we move into it. I still think that there is some significant work that our school board is going to have to do. They will have to figure out what exactly it is that they are going to want to present to the commission,” says David Sharpe, Hamilton County Commissioner

So whats the next step for this plan?

“We’re going to have to meet together and pick out our top priorities. We’re going to do what we have to do. What are our biggest needs? What just absolutely has to be done now? Then, just see where we go from there. A lot of this is how much money are we going to have to be able to do anything with,” says Rhonda Thurman, Hamilton County school board member.

Commissioner Sharpe says going about this budget will have to handled with great care.

“Whether or not anyone wants to attack it from a financial aspect. It is certainly something that is very important to many families in Hamilton county and it is something we are going to have to address. I hope that moving forward we are able to talk a bit more openly about it,” says Sharpe.

Some school board members are not convinced this is the best plan for Hamilton county.

School board member, Rhonda Thurman, says they should focus on tackling the things they can do now.

“Let’s concentrate on the things we can do. Let’s see how much money we are going to be able to get from the commission, either in growth money or in bonds. But, to even put your mind out there that we could get anything close to a billion dollars in 10 years for school construction is just not gonna happen,”says Thurman.

To find out what schools are included in the plan, click here.

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