Hamilton County Sheriff & Trustee warn citizens about scams going on now

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Hamilton County Sheriff and County Trustee want to alert people about a couple of scams going on right now.

In a morning news conference, County Trustee Bill Hullander warned that although his office does make phone calls to residents sometimes, it’s only to advise them that they will be incurring a late fee.

Hullander says they will never threaten jail, or ask to be paid with green dot cards.

“There’s calls going out now, using my name, that, “You’re behind on your taxes, if you do not pay them we’re going to arrest you, you need to get the payment in.”, and we do not, we make phone calls out of our office, but it’s never that we’re going to come and arrest you or anything, it’s just to let them know that they’re taxes are going delinquent, but that’s not the way we do it.”

Sheriff Hammond also stressed that his office does not call you about missed jury duty. That notice would come by letter.

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