Hamilton County Surpasses 1,000 COVID Deaths

Nearly two years after the first COVID case was identified in Chattanooga, more than one thousand people have died of coronavirus-related illness in Hamilton County.

“Omicron is just, is doing terrible damage in that population, not just here, but — you’ve probably seen the statistics — nationwide, our death rate during this surge has been pretty high,” said Dr. Mark Anderson of CHI Memorial.

While hospitalizations and deaths have risen in the last month, serious illness is most likely to occur in those who are unvaccinated.

“In the unvaccinated, they can still have a mild illness, but they’re much more likely to have something severe. In fact, they’re twenty-five times more likely to be hospitalized or die, compared to someone who gets it who is vaccinated.”

While a thopusand people have passed away due to COVID-19-related illness, the health department has identified another milestone — two hundred thousand doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered.

Fifty-four percent of eligible Hamilton County Residents have been fully vaccinated.

“This variant does seem to be less dangerous to many people, and we’re hoping that we’re beginning to see the virus evolve into something that is, in general, less dangerous, will be an endemic virus like influenza.”

Up-to-date vaccination information can be found on the Health Department’s website.

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