Hamilton Place Says it was Fireworks–Nothing More to Say!

The rash of brawls, alleged gun fire, and stampedes at several malls around the country on Monday–turned out to be mostly false alarms and fireworks.

Chattanooga became part of that nationwide story, but Hamilton Place quickly released official statements and social media announcements to clear the air.

Predictably, videos of the widely-scattered mall incidents came through social media. They show mostly young people scrambling to get out of malls..some reportedly bruised or suffering minor injuries from falls to the ground. That happened in New York, Texas, Ohio, Chicago and in Chattanooga.

It was around 4:45 p.m. when the call came from Hamilton Place of “gunshots”. Chattanooga police quickly converged on the mall, only to find hundreds of people standing outside. They later learned …and were quickly supported by messages from mall management , that the noise came from “fireworks” set-off near a row of shops. Police are looking for the culprits.

Although there are few simularities, investigators are looking into the possibility that it was somehow connected by social media to other incidents around the country.

In Memphis, at around the same time, police arrested several people following fights at two malls there.

There’s no word on whether they were connected.

SHOPPER  “Anytime you hear mall shooting, day after Christmas you have holiday shopping of course the response of going to be just like that. we’re going to get in here as fast we can.”

In Fort Worth, officers responded to reports of an “active shooter” although it turned out there was no gunman.

And, dozens of police officers rushed to respond to this fight at the Fox Valley Mall outside of Chicago.

Confused and panicked shoppers scrambled for building exits. Police say nearly a thousand teens gathered at the mall before the brawls started.

SHOPPER  “Running, screaming, I see a girl get trampled over. it was scary, it was really scary for real.”

Back at home, a spokesperson for Hamilton Place says there’s no reason to give any more statements.

Shoppers today were back in droves and it was business as usual.


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