Harley Davidson Hosts Marriage Renewals

For those who love leather, chrome…. and marriage, Thunder Creek Harley Davidson on Lee Highway held a marriage vow renewal ceremony at their dealership Saturday.

Dozens of couples showed up to renew their nuptials inside the Harley Davidson showroom.

The love of the open road and the wind in their hair is a common thread among these spouses and Saturday’s ceremony was a creative way to celebrate their union.

"Love and riding, they go hand and hand," said Keith Holden who is general manager of the dealership.

Holden is also an ordained minister and officiated the ceremony.  "Love to ride. It’s a beautiful area up here to ride and be with your spouse. It’s just a beautiful day," he said.

The event has taken place since 2010 with each year drawing a bigger crowd. And with this Valentine’s Day on a Saturday, the crowd was bigger than ever.

"When we got married, we weren’t into motorcycles so this seemed to tie it all back together, come in and renew our vows," said motorcyclist and husband Tim Gaither. "Motorcycling has kept us together."

Spouses came dressed in their motorcycle wedding best with leather chaps, lace veils and even flower girls tossing rose petals. Billy Idol’s White Wedding was the perfect processional hymn for this crowd.

The vows were custom written for the event by Holden and his marketing department.

"Do you vow to ride beside or behind your man on the journey of life?", he asked the crowd of couples gazing at each other who responded loudly with, "I do."

The ceremony was a success and a reception was held afterwards.

"I don’t have my own bike. I ride on the back and have always. I let him do the driving," Jerrie Gaither told us. "That way I can look around and tell him how to get there. You know, I’m a back seat driver so it seems to work."

Reported by Andy Santoro

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