Harrison Elementary in Need of Building Changes

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Tonight at the Hamilton County School Board Meeting a statement shook the meeting with emotion for Harrison Elementary.

“We have 1 principle for 413 Kids,” exclaimed Kirsten Johnson, who is a parent and teacher. Her kids go to Harrison Elementary.

It was emotional plea to help for Hamilton County board members for those at Harrison Elementary.

They are currently lacking in many resources and infrastructure needs.

Some problems are now arising health concerns.

“There was a carbon monoxide leak and then there were rats in the ceilings and then there was asbestos in the floor that we can’t clean there.. it’s glued with asbestos on the floor so we can’t pull up tile and we can’t pull up carpet or any of that, we don’t have a gym. We haven’t had a gym since the school was built,” said Johnson.

“And I will second everything you said, I have been through there several times, first they do a wonderful job with a really rough facility.” said Dr. Steve Highlander who seconded Mrs. Johnson.

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