Harrison Elementary students and teachers look forward to new school

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — After getting approved for a new building, Harrison Elementary students and teachers are looking forward to the possibilities.

Harrison Elementary School is nearly 80 years old and does not have a gym. Most of the time they have physical education class in this portable. This is Jim Cole’s 30th year teaching students.

“Having them from Kindergarten up, we have learned to utilize the space very well. We work hard on spatial awareness. So we can move and not run into each other a whole lot and not run into the equipment. We try to use every inch of the space that we can,” Cole said.

Students sometimes go outside for gym class and use the county baseball field, which is next door.

“We do have ball fields outside that we can use and playground, for a lot of the time, especially during bad weather this is the only place we have to go,” Cole said.

Last week, the school board approved a new building for Harrison Elementary. It will be built up the street on land on the corner of Ferdinand Piech Way and Highway 58. It will also have a gym.

“Being able to you know play basketball do some other things that were pretty limited on here. With the low ceiling it is kind of hard to things,” Cole said.

“I hope there is a goal in it too and more space, like bigger space,” said Myra Kouris, a student at Harrison Elementary.

Cole says in the new gym, certain exercises will be easier.

“The County does a pacer test, which we are very limited. It is kind of hard to run back and forth in such a small area. But we are looking forward to it, just excited about the chance to have that type of facility,” Cole said.

Even though some students won’t be around for it, they are glad others will get to experience being in an actual gym.

“It will just make it more fun for them,” said Kinsley Southers, a fifth grade student at Harrison Elementary.

The new building is expected to be finished by August 2020.

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