Hashish, ecstasy, and other narcotics seized during Catoosa County drug bust.

TUNNEL HILL, Georgia(WDEF) – An anonymous 911 call led to a drug bust in Tunnel Hill that sent three people to the jail.

Michael Stringer, Jonathan Grant, and Ashton Faul are all facing felony drug charges.

The trio were arrested Sunday night outside a Tunnel Hill home in the in the 800 block of Clark Road. According to Sheriff Gary Sisk, an anonymous caller tipped off authorities about alleged drug activity.

"As they started questioning the three suspects, they did find they were doing some drug activity and found some drugs in the vehicle and on their person," Sisk said.

Deputies reportedly found five bags of narcotics that included ecstasy pills, meth, illegal prescription narcotics and something not found everyday; Hashish.

"It’s not something common for this area," Sisk said.

Hash is similar to marijuana but experts say it’s potentially lethal because of its chemical makeup.

"You don’t know the actual toxicity of the hash depending on how it was extracted; what was used? Is there any contaminates," Sisk said.

Stringer and his family Told WDEF he did not have any drugs on him.

Stringer claims he had no knowledge of the drugs in the car. After he was bailed out of jail, Stringer told WDEF that he was upset that Faul and Grant didn’t admit to deputies that he was unaware that drugs were in the vehicle.

Because non of the three suspects would admit who actually had the drugs in the car, all three were arrested.

A neighbor who wished not to be identified told WDEF that he’s not surprised law enforcement made a drug bust outside the home.

"I saw a lot of suspicious activity. I suspected drug use because of the way that people would come and go and there would be different cars there every night."

Stringer’s family admitted that there is usually a lot of activity at the home but say that activity has nothing to do with drugs.

The same neighbor said he witnessed individuals outside the home taking several panels and seats out of a vehicle that belonged to the owner of the home then putting it back to gather.

"They were probably transforming that vehicle into some sort of drug trafficking vehicle," the neighbor said.

Since that statement was made, family members of Michael Stringer told WDEF the neighbor actually saw several people replacing a battery in a vehicle for Stringers grandfather who owns a car that requires a wheel chair lift. They said certain panels and seats had to be removed to install the battery.

Stringer and his family say he did not have any drugs on him.

As a disclaimer, the neighbor WDEF talked to is not the person who called 911.

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