Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Job Fair

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- Thursday at the Hamilton County Justice Building, the sheriff’s office hosted a job fair to find the most qualified candidates for the Corrections Division.

It’s a way to speed up the hiring process while also competing with the public and private sectors.

“The sheriff’s office has traditionally hired through an online process.”, says Chief Deputy Austin Garrett.

This is the first ever hiring event hosted by the agency.

Dozens showed up to the job fair. Out of those attending, the Corrections Divisions is looking to hire around 25 officers.

Sheriff Jim Hammond says the applicants wanting to be a correctional officer today, should strive to be the leaders of tomorrow,”I always ask people what do you want and they always say, ‘I’m not sure’. I tell them when someone ask you that you should respond by saying ‘I want to be the sheriff of Hamilton County.'”

Christopher Nichols initially had dreams of being a military officer. Due to unfortunate injuries, his plan was derailed.

Now he is pursuing law enforcement for a purpose bigger than himself.

“I want to be a more active part of my community and help rebuild that relationship.”, says Nichols.

And he believes he has all the qualities to excel.

“You have to have a strong work ethic -something I’ve had my entire life. You have to be patient, something I’m working on. I think it will really further help me getting into the sheriff’s office.”

For Luz Miolen, her purpose, starts within the home.

“I have a six month old, and a eleven and ten year old.”

Luz was the only woman her group.

She was also one of the oldest candidate but she wasn’t here to prove her worth to anybody but herself.

“You can do anything you set your mind to. I mean I’m not as young as half the people. I know that for sure but I still gave my best. I came out here and tried and you never know what’s there if you don’t try right?” , says Miolen.

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