HCSO Using CIT Program To Handle Situations

“One of the things I think is a crime should be a crime is we are taking someone with a mental illness and we are making them a criminal they are not necessarily criminals but because they have a mental illness we are criminalizing them and that is just wrong”

Jails across the country are filled with people with mental illnesses. In Hamilton County Pharmaceutical drugs take up at least a fourth of the Jails budget.

That’s where the Crisis intervention training that many of the deputies have comes into play…

“Which is a training provided to those in law enforcement and mental health to better communicate with those in crisis and if law enforcement comes across those people then they might be able to de-escalate and be able to divert them from coming to jail and get them services to address their needs”

It all comes back to the Sheriffs office serving the public…

“So if I can get the staff to think we are in the public service business and we should just be helping them to move through the system as easy and efficiently as possible without making it harder than it already is”

While the CIT program is a preventive measure to keep people from ending up in jail there are also some new steps being taken to help those that still end up in custody…

“Here at the jail we have just started a full time licensed practicing counselor and a psychiatric counselor and so we have those on board full time to also help our population in here and if we can help link them to services post release so again we are trying to get them stabilized and hopefully that will increase the time in between incarcerations”

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