Hearing Date Set for Highly Publicized Brantley Civil Suit

CLEVELAND, TN (WDEF) – On February 17th, Marsha Brantley’s Aunt, Medra Justice will once again make the long trip from Greenville, Tennessee to Cleveland.

Her mission this time?

To secure her niece’s assets.

We caught up with her by phone.

Justice adds, "Its my understanding that our lawyer has to show that Marsha is dead at Donnie hands."

Then, she says, Donnie Brantley will not be able to cash in on the family’s house that was recently sold.

The money from the sale is in a trust fund, ready to be dispersed to Marsha’s alma mater, Lee University, which is what the family wants.

Justice adds, "It’s very stressful, but we we’ve got faith and patience and it will work out."

Marsha’s family has had a lot of patience over the years.

They’ve been waiting on this civil suit since July of 2012, and they’ll be waiting on Donnie Brantley’s murder trial even longer.

Earlier this year, they asked authorities to drop the murder charge against Donnie, in order to have more time to collect evidence against him.

They are confident Donnie will still be charged again.

Justice adds, "He has taken the life of my niece and I don’t respect him for what he’s done. She didn’t deserve to die, but I’m a Christian and it’s my duty to forgive."

Now, Justice is calling on all of Marsha’s friends in the Cleveland area to come to the February 17th hearing.

She says it would mean more than you know.

Justice adds, "It’s important that Donnie sees that Marsha had a family that loves her."

Again, if Marsha’s family wins the civil suit, it does not mean that Donnie Brantley will be charged in Marsha’s murder and go to jail.

It just means Donnie cannot legally cash in on Marsha’s assets.

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