Heritage Coach EK Slaughter Recalls Facing Trevor Lawrence in High School

Ringgold, GA-(WDEF-TV) Quarterback Trevor Lawrence has become the big name in college football after leading Clemson to the national title, as a freshman. Lawrence played high school ball at Cartersville, where he faced several teams in our area, including Heritage.
Lawrence beat the Generals twice by a combined score of 93-12.
Heritage coach EK Slaughter recalls what it was like facing the stud QB.

Alabama couldn’t slow down Trevor Lawrence in the national title game, and Heritage couldn’t slow down the 6’6 gun slinger either when they entertained Lawrence and Cartersville in 20-15.
Said Slaughter:”Man it was a lot more difficult. We knew going into it that our only prayer of keeping him from lighting us up in the air was to be able to get to him, and we just couldn’t get to him.”
Yeah Slaughter’s prayers weren’t answered that night as Cartersville beat Heritage 42-6.
Said Slaughter:”I think the biggest wow play for us that week was. They were probably at the minus 40, and he got flushed out of the pocket, and then rolling to his right, he threw it about 45 yards on the run back to the left hash for a touchdown. It was just like, whatever. (chuckles) You know. At that point, you are just like whatever.”
Yeah, whatever dude, but it was still nice for Heritage to play against a possible future number one overall pick in the NFL draft.
Said Slaughter:”For the rest of his life, Austin Ferguson can say he picked off the number one pick in the draft in 2021, so those are memories they will take with them.”
Lawrence obviously has talent, but Slaughter likes his temperament.
Said Slaughter:”Can tell he has always been in an environment where the game is where it needs to be, and that’s in a place of apart of what you are doing. It’s not his identity. It’s really cool to see his humility. His relationship with Christ. I really think that’s that part of why he is able to be successful as a freshman.”
Reporter:”Does it make you feel better now. I think he scored 42 and 51, and then he scored 44 on Nick Saban. Does that make you feel better”
Slaughter:(laughs)”Yeah sure. Right. No not really. It doesn’t make me feel better at all.”

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