History in Walker County government

WALKER COUNTY, Tennessee- History in the making as four new Walker County Commissioners are now sworn in.

“Means the world to me that I got the support to be elected as the first District 1 County Commissioner.”

Previous Sole Commissioner Shannon Whitfield was also sworn in and will now be the new Chairman for the Board of Commissioners.

“I’m very much look forward to being part of this new board and learning from them and their ideas and experiences. It will be very beneficial for our citizens in Walker County,” said Whitfield.

He will be joined by Robert Blakemore for District 1, Mark Askew for District 2, Brian Hart for District 3, and Robert Stultz for District 4.

“It is a new chapter for us in Walker County, but it’s a new day and it’s a good day,” said Whitfield.

Walker County was one of only eight counties in the United States with a sole commissioner form of government but, now Walker County will be represented by five commissioners from different parts of the county.

“It’s gonna be huge to make things happen, I’m not only going to be working for district one I’ll be working for Chickamaga, Lafayette. I have to have the whole county at heart.”

Whitfield completed his last meeting as sole commissioner, Tuesday night, and it gave him a moment to look back on what he was most proud of during that time.

“Get a handle of this that we had out of hand. We had over $70 million in debt and not much cash to speak of. We were $3.5 million behind with our local vendors so, now we have paid off over $40 million in debt,” said Whitfield.

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