Have you been hit by the anti-UAW ad campaign?

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Late Friday, the National Labor Relations Board denied a UAW request to set a date for a union vote at the Volkswagen Chattanooga plant.

But that hasn’t stopped the pro and anti union campaigning here.

The UAW on Monday issued a statement accusing the company and the NLRB of using delaying tactics.

NLRB:  We’ve Waited Long Enough! Let Us Vote!

Let Chattanooga workers vote. After insisting for the last four years that they would only agree to a vote of all production and maintenance workers, Volkswagen has now blocked just such a vote. VW’s manipulation of the NLRB process to halt a vote of its workers is a travesty.

Free, democratic elections are a cornerstone of American life, whether it’s the PTA or President of the United States. After all these years, why in the world is it okay to deny Chattanooga workers their vote of yes or no?

Volkswagen’s actions in this matter are the definition of duplicity. In the wake of the recent dieselgate scandal, it is shocking that Volkswagen continues to employ such a strategy.

Chattanooga workers have a simple message to the politicians and political appointees in Washington D.C. and the Volkswagen corporate brass – Let us vote!

Brian Rothenberg, spokesman – UAW International Union 

# # #

But you may have also seen a different message popping up on your computer and mobile devices this weekend.

A group called LaborPains.org is targeting people in our area with videos attacking the UAW.

Here is an example.

The NLRB has not squashed a vote at the plant, just postponed it.  At Volkswagen’s request, they will resolved other union issues for the Chattanooga facility before setting an elections date.

So we should continue to see plenty of unionizing activity in the coming weeks, but pro and con.

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