Homeless woman arrested for throwing a man in the river

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – A homeless woman is facing charges of attempted first degree murder after police say she threw an unconscious man in the Tennessee River.

It happened Thursday night when police were dispatched to Frazier Avenue about a homeless man who had suffered head trauma and was visibly wet.

Jeff Vance, 29, told police that a woman punched him several times in the face then threw him into the river. He identified the attacker as Cierra Hix, 21.

An eyewitness told police that he was with Hix and Vance when the assault began. He said the three of them were drinking by the river when Hix got upset about something and started punching Vance in the face. He also said Vance was hit so many times that he was knocked unconscious.

According to the witness statements, Hix grabbed Vance by his legs and dragged him into the river. Hix reportedly began to choke Vance while submerging his head under water.

The witness told police he jumped in the water, pushed Hix away and pulled Vance out of the water. He reportedly performed CPR on Vance until paramedics arrived.

Hix reportedly confessed to police that she assaulted Vance and threw him into the river.

Once in custody, Hix reportedly became so irritate that she started slamming her head against the police car window. Inside the jail, Hix was strapped to a chair and had a mask put over her face because she was reportedly out of control.

Hix is due in court on June 19.

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