Hooked On Science – Foamy Egg

“It’s another mind-blowing science experiment I think you are going to like. I call it the foamy egg! We are going to mix two secret ingredients together, a chemical reaction will happen, it will get super-hot, and the foam will ooze out of my egg. You can’t do this one at home! Please kids, before doing any science, have an adult around, wear the appropriate safety gear, and do not eat or drink your experiment. I am going to replace my glasses with some safety glasses. Next,I am going to place this cup, right here, it has dish detergent and one other ingredient, right there, in the middle of the table, so I can sit this on top. This is important because I have got to make sure I get everything just right, as the reaction takes place, and look at this, here comes all of the foam. Replay that is pretty cool! Awesome! It is giving off a lot of heat. We call that an exothermic reaction. There’s that mind-blowing science experiment! Did you like it? Give me five for science! For Hooked On Science, I’m Jason Lindsey.”

PLEASE follow these safety precautions when doing any science experiment.
• ALWAYS have an adult present.
• ALWAYS wear the correct safety gear while doing any experiment.
• NEVER eat or drink anything while doing any experiment.
• REMEMBER experiments may require marbles, small balls, balloons, and other small parts. Those objects could become a CHOKING HAZARD. Adults are to perform those experiments using these objects. Any child can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Keep uninflated or broken balloons away from children.

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