House With Ammunition Set On Fire: Arson Arrest

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- “I saw this big cloud. I thought it was a tornado” said Luis Reyes who witnessed the fire outside his bedroom window.

It was a busy Friday morning for Chattanooga Firefighters as they battled a blazing house fire off of East Brainerd.

Crews arrived on scene near Explorer Lane but had to travel through the woods off Southwood Drive to reach the home.

Luis Reyes couldn’t take his eyes off the smoke that erupted in the woods.

“I was like ‘um what is that? Mom What is that?'”

At the same time Chattanooga police arrived at the same location on a report of a possible armed person.

Neighbors and Chattanooga Fire said they heard gunshots near the blazing home.

Chattanooga Police says it was possibly ammunition or paint exploding inside the home.

Police put a man put a man in custody who was also being treated for medical attention.

Luis snapped a photo of a man on the stretcher coming out of the woods.

“I saw them putting him on the stretcher, rolling him on the stretcher, moving him to the ambulance from my bedroom window right there. ‘Did he seem to be in pain?’
He looked like it because I thought I saw this part of his face burned.”

Chattanooga fire advanced to the home to put out the fire that spread to the surrounding woods.

Christopher Stevens lived at the home and was the only person there during incident.

Chattanooga Fire say he was upset about something and set the home on fire.

The house is now a total loss.

Stevens is charged with arson was transported to the hospital for medical examination.


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