The only house standing in Mexico Beach was built by two local men

MEXICO BEACH, FLORIDA (WDEF) – Two locals are checking on their home in Mexico Beach.

It’s a home that’s still standing while others are totally destroyed post Hurricane Michael.

This picture says it all.

Chattanooga Attorney Russell King and Cleveland Doctor Lebron Lackey own the house that unbelievably, somewhat made it through the category 4 storm.

Updates on the home have been shared on a Facebook page.

The home did see some damage.

According to a post, the ground floor is gone.

And the home is actually being used as a staging area for news, search and rescue, and relief workers that’s according to the post.

Hurricane Michael was not only destructive, but deadly, killing at least 19 people.

The New York Times interviewed them for a profile story on Sunday.  Here is that story.

Survived Storm

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