Housing Vouchers for the Homeless

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – The Chattanooga Housing Authority is working with the city on a new way to get the homeless off the street.

The city of Chattanooga and the Chattanooga Housing Authority are joining together to fight homelessness.

The homeless voucher program will be used by case workers and navigators to get some homeless people off the street.

The program was announced last Friday.

Tammie Carpenter who is the Director of the Housing Choice Voucher Program says, “Well it targets our homeless population, we have the vouchers available. We are just trying to find a way to get, the ones that need them, get the vouchers to them and get them housed and the city adding these positions will be such a huge help.”

Once a person receives a case manager, they will be able to contact the Chattanooga Housing Authority to begin the process.

The city is adding more case managers to meet the need.

Dr. Jimmy Turner who is the Chief Operating Officer of the Chattanooga Community Kitchen says, “The case manager walks with them through that process, that gets them from being homeless into a permanent, stable housing situation. And then the case manager stays with them for at least a year after they are housed. So it’s not just get them into housing and then wish them the best, that case manager is apart of their life long after they have been housed to make sure that they will be able to stay that way.”

This program will help cut down on the possible thousands of homeless Chattanoogans.

City leaders say that they are excited to collaborate with the Chattanooga housing Authority to get homes to the needy.

Sam Wolfe who is the Chattanooga Homeless Program Coordinator says, “I’ve worked in this field for years now and the most common thing that I hear people say is, ‘I never thought that it would happen to me’. More often than not, people just need a little assistance to get over that hurdle, a little bit of security and stability and they can build on their lives.”

These vouchers are a part of the Homeless Cotillion and case managers from the Housing Authority or the city will be able to register clients.

Chattanooga hopes that this plan helps clear the streets.

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