How Chattanooga’s Homeless are Dealing with Flood Waters

Many of Chattanooga’s homeless are left without what they call home after flood waters made their way into their camps.

Kenneth Bean said that the waters ruined all that he had.

"I lost everything. My birth certificate, all my army papers I carried. I carried that stuff for 30 years, you know? I even have my GED from when I was 17 years old.”

Kenneth Beans is just one of many of Chattanooga’s homeless, who have lost their belongings in the flood water.

Relevant Hope, an organization that serves the homeless, is making sure all of Chattanooga’s homeless have a safe place to rest their heads.

 Volunteer Joy Leonard said it hasn’t been easy trying to visit their camps these last few days.

"Right now with it flooding we can’t…their camps are under water. So that being said, it’s hard try to make sure they have exactly they needing."

Behind Walmart in East Ridge, along I-75, is where some of the homeless stay.

Paul Vandiver said he has been homeless on and off for about 24 years.

He and his therapy dog, little Golden, managed to escape the high waters.

"I’ve seen it back up here, but I’ve never seen it back up this far. It’s just absolutely tremendous and extremely dangerous out here."

Steve Davis is the Operator of Second Blessings Thrift Store, who has partnered with Relevant Hope to make sure the homeless have clothes and food.

Davis said they have helped about 100 people since the flooding began.

"You know as soon as we could come to their rescue we do."

Leonard said that she and other volunteers from Relevant Hope will continue to lend a hand to anyone who needs it.

"These are our family to us. We really love serving them and taking care."

Leonard added that she and other volunteers will continue to deliver meals to the homeless every Thursday and check on their well being throughout the next few days.

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