Howard High School Gets New Drama Department

Howard High School is rebuilding its theater department, with the help of Chattanooga Christian School. It may not sound like a big deal, but Howard hasn’t had a formal drama department in more than 40 years. We take a closer look at what Howard hopes to accomplish in our weekly look at What’s Right With Our Schools.

John Lennon, Theatre Head, “We got to build it build it and they will come. And they showed up in droves. Every one of my classes is state limit full 35. There hasn’t been the theater class in here.. since like 71 maybe. People think the children need theater. The theater needs the voices of these children at Howard High School.”

Tariah Bell, Junior, “Something that’s it’s a good thing that he believes in us. He thinks that we can eventually have a good theater program.”

John Lennon, “And there’s a place for every kid in theater.”

Raymond Thornton, Sophomore, “I remember I was a little kid I liked pretending I was like other people. Like dressing up and just doing random stuff that I saw. Like actors and big wood huh big wig Hollywood people do. And I’ve I’ve just like doing it.”.

John Lennon, “You got to start somewhere. So we started with theater one it’s more of an intro. And so they’re only going to look at theater history. We’re going to cover the Greeks, performance and production. Next year we’ll add theater two that will be production class. And it’s a similar model in colleges and other schools. Theater 3 is the intensive study of methods, acting methods, performance methods. Your senior year you get to direct some.”

Jerimiah Roberts, Junior, “At one point was in TV production and I thought I was pretty good behind the camera. So I was thinking acting and directing.
And I waited to be like Tyler Perry because he had a big impact on me with Madea.”

John Lennon, “And it’s going to take some, some time and some care. And we’re reaching out; now is the time. Call Mr. Lennon. Call Howard High School.
And you can give straight to Howard High School to the theatre department. Or contact me and we’ll go for bigger donors for the lobby, for the sound, and
the lights and that type of equipment. But we need the help of the community and it’s for these kids. They deserve the best equipment that any other school has
here in Chattanooga; no less. We ask it for anything more than what somebody else has and we’re going to get it.”

To learn more about how Chattanooga Christian helped, visit last week’s story here. If you have a story idea visit our What’s Right Our Schools page.

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