Howard Student charged with bringing a gun to school

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A Howard Student has been arrested after officials found a weapon in his backpack.

The gun didn’t actually make it inside the school.

It started with a call to police about several students outside the building around 10:15 AM.

The officers found them and brought them into the school.

School officials say the SRO searched them before bringing them inside and found the student’s backpack.

Police confiscated the weapon and notified the parents.

Dr. Ware posted afterwards:

“We commend our SSO and the Howard School faculty, staff, and students for helping to keep our school safe at all times!
If at any time you or your student become aware of any situation that could adversely affect the safety of our school, or if you have any questions about this incident, please reach out to me at 423-498-6851.”


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