Huge reward being offered for finding lost dog

Red Bank and Dayton residents have $3,000 reward waiting for pet's return

RED BANK, Tenn. (WDEF) — T.J. is just seven years old and is the loving companion of Red Bank retiree Alona Smith.

The dog has epilepsy and is in dire need of his medicine.

After he ran off during a thunderstorm, Smith offered $1,000 to anybody who could find her best friend.

However, thanks to the generosity of another local resident, that reward has now tripled.

Until the past week, Smith had never had a doggy door for T.J.

During a recent thunderstorm, she believes he became so frightened that he ran out the door, hopped the fence, and took off.

“Right away, we put him on PawBoost and paid them money so it could go out to everything,” Smith said. “People already saw it and were contacting me on Saturday night and said he had gone all the way from here in Red Bank to Hixson behind Walmart.”

Smith believes that, due to his condition, T.J. is in “fight or flight” mode.

While driving this past Saturday, even she saw T.J., but unfortunately couldn’t catch him.

“He came just running out in front of me and I did what I wasn’t supposed to do,” Smith said. “I jumped out of my car and called his name. Online, it says that will trigger them more to run. So, he ran … he didn’t even look at me.”

Smith says the news about T.J. has spread like wildfire.

Dayton’s Scott Hale was so moved, he upped the reward for finding T-J from one-thousand dollars to three-thousand.

Hale and Smith have no relation.

In fact, they’ve never even met.

“T.J. is obviously with somebody, maybe in somebody’s home,” Hale said. “They may not know that he’s lost and somebody’s looking for him. So we have to get the word out. If we can get the word out and everybody knows, then surely he’ll be returned.”

T.J.’s safe return is all Smith wants.

She isn’t stopping and hopes her community can help.

“I’m retired and he’s been my sidekick,” Smith said. “He’s been with me, just by my side, for seven years. We miss him.”

Smith says she spent 14 hours this past Saturday looking for her sidekick.

Hale says he knows the pain that comes from losing your dog, and that led to his inspiration to help.

If you’re inspired to help find T-J and DO find him, you can contact Smith at 909-731-1897.


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