Humane Educational Society hopes supporters will turn out to this week’s County Commission Meeting

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – The Humane Educational Society hopes the Hamilton County Commission approves the fiscal year 2016 budget.
    H.E.S. officials say nationwide, the average per capita amount spent on animals is around $0.09, but they’ve been operating for several years now on just one-third that amount.
    The new budget would increase that number to about $0.06.
    So now they hope the Hamilton County Commission decides to keep the H.E.S. funding bump in the budget.
    Bob Citrullo serves as the Executive Director of the Humane Educational Society.  He said, "Well we’re just looking for people to come out, who believe in our mission, who support the Humane Educational Society and everything that we do. We want to send a clear message that there are supporters here, and that, I want them to just come out, and let everybody know that they do support, you know this important mission, and just what we’re trying to accomplish every day."
    The Hamilton County Commission meets at 9:30am this Wednesday.

        From the Humane Educational Society:

Join HES in thanking Mayor Coppinger and the Commission for their support!

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Humane Society:
Wednesday is a very important day for us. We are grateful to have the support of Mayor Coppinger in the upcoming Hamilton County budget. We hope that the Commission also agrees to fully fund our needs.
We know this is a difficult decision for our elected officials but hope that they will support our most critical needs. Please join us for Wednesday’s meeting at the Hamilton County Courthouse in the Commission meeting room on the 4th floor at 9:30 AM. We’ll try to sit together. We’d ask that you not bring any large posters or distract the Commission while they are meeting. We encourage respect and courtesy.
If we are successful with our budget request, we’d like to encourage you to write a note of thanks to those who support our efforts.
This is a difficult budget year for Hamilton County. We must do all we can to respect those who are making critical decisions on behalf of the animals we serve.
Thank you for your commitment and support of the Humane Society!

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