Hundreds gather for Chattanooga women’s march

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) -Hundreds of women gathered at Coolidge Park for the Chattanooga Women’s March Saturday afternoon.

Many came holding signs showing their support for women’s rights.

This is the 4th year Chattanooga has hosted a women’s march.

During the last four years, some believe they have started to see change.

Jude Afolake Olubadon, a local activist said, “I have seen more people that like open up or that are willing to that where they would push us down before and just call us angry or we don’t know what we’re talking about that they’re able to open up more and see the validity in what we’re saying.

The showing of women to the march shows how dedicated they are to fighting for women’s rights.

“it’s impressive to see over 500 women and children come out. Uh I think it shows you that the fire is still there from three years ago and these women are still about ascending,” said Krissa Barclay.

The March started at Coolidge park and the women crossed the John Ross Bridge.

The women were quickly met by police and multiple people were arrested for obstructing the roadway.

Chattanooga Police said the group did not have a permit to march and were directed by officers to remain on sidewalks.

CPD officers intervened in order to “prevent anyone from being injured or worse,” according to a statement by Chief David Roddy.

Despite the arrests, the women will still continue to fights for the rights of women and for people of color.

“Removing racism from our institution. From Police Brutality. from the projects. from gentrification. from grouping, pretty much segregating us by school,” said Olubadon.

All 5 people arrested have since been released from custody.

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