Hundreds of law enforcers from across the U.S. are visiting Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) –  Hundreds of law enforcement from across the U.S. are in Chattanooga for the 24th annual ROCIC Conference.

ROCIC stands for Regional Organized Crime Information Center.

The conference is a three day event inside the Chattanooga Convention Center where lawmen and women can gather to share critical information through networking.

"Crime does not stop in your county or state lines. It goes across state lines and knowing other agencies and contacts numbers in other states is real helpful," said Sheriff Ron Lockhart of Sequoyah County Oklahoma.

Cameras were not allowed inside the room where hundreds of law enforcers gathered because according to organizers, some of the information being shared is considered sensitive.

But aside from being an event where information is being disclosed among police officers, the conference is also an event where offices can learn new techniques and technology to solve murders; and that’s why the entire Chattanooga police homicide unit was in attendance.

"They will see things over the next two and half days that would just open eyes. Hopefully when they go to the next crime scene or when the go back to doing interviews on a case they’re already working, these things will snap in as they’re doing what they need to do," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Bill Phillips.

Tuesday afternoon, officers will meet to discuss various ways of investigating mass killings.

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