Hundreds post #MoveOver to raise awareness

A lot of drivers still aren’t moving over when they see emergency vehicles on the side of the road…. After a successful awareness campaign last year people all over the country are hashtagging Move Over to raise awareness.

The Move Over law requires drivers to change lanes, or slow down if you can’t get over and use extreme caution when emergency vehicles are on the side of the road.  The law is not something that should be taken lightly.

Lt. Christie Phillips with the Tennessee Highway patrol said, "It is very uncomfortable.  That is probably the number one thing that state troopers worry about is being struck by a vehicle while they are on the side of the road doing their job."


If you have never just stood on the side of the highway, you may not realize how much velocity your car is carrying to someone in the emergency lane .


Captain Charles Lowery with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office said, "You can take a car, say a six thousand pound car, and it’s traveling at 70 miles per hour and you multiply that and you are looking at some where around 400 and something thousand pounds of thrust or velocity."


4,000 pounds of thrust can seriously injure if not kill someone.  In respect to this, hundreds of people have been posting pictures to raise awareness and asking motorist to simply move over and give emergency vehicles some room to work.


Awareness on roadways can prevent tragedy.


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