Hundreds Rally to support Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson

Hundreds gathered in a Cleveland Church Friday night to show Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson that he has their support as he fights a lawsuit filed against him for sharing his faith on the sheriff’s office Facebook page…

“We want him to see tonight that the people in this county appreciate the job that he is doing and appreciates the Christian stance that he takes.”

The lawsuit is requesting a restraining order be placed against Sheriff Watson that would prevent the Sheriff from promoting any religious material…Pastor Rob Works, who organized the rally, thinks it is much more than just a first amendment issue …

“This seems to be about the first amendment suppression, but really, what we see it is a spiritual warfare.”

Sheriff Watson did attend tonight’s rally and told me he was glad to see how many people came out …. One of the speakers during the rally was Pastor Greg Locke who drove all the way from Nashville to show his support for the Sheriff and how he has used his platform.

“You a lot of times people are afraid to use that for fear of the fall out of non political correctness and so I appreciate him standing up and being a voice and being willing to speak and I equally appreciate the community getting behind him.”

The Facebook page that is the subject of the lawsuit has since been deactivated and will remain that way until the litigation is completed, but many of those that attended the rally believe this is about much more than just one Facebook page.

“Our sheriff will tell you this is not about him. I will tell you it is not about me, and I know the fine people that will be here tonight will tell you it is not about them. This as I said is a spiritual battle.”

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