Huntsville’s Welcome Center rocket is coming down

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama (WDEF) – For decades, visitors to Huntsville, Alabama have been greeted with a real-life Saturn Rocket along the interstate.

But that rocket’s days are numbered.

The Saturn 1B rocket was placed at a Welcome Center along I-65 at the Tennessee border.

It was one of a dozen of the giant rockets built in Huntsville for the Apollo moon missions, but was never used by NASA.

Instead, it served to promote the city’s space connection to anyone heading through town.

But now officials say the rocket is coming down.

Lee Sentell of the Alabama Tourism Department says the rocket was never meant to stand in place for 40 years.

And it is now, literally, falling apart.

The Welcome Center has already been closed and will be replaced.

As for the iconic rocket, Sentell says it would cost more than a million dollars to restore it, so it will most likely be junked.

He hopes the state will come up with another iconic symbol for the city to replace it.

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