Hutcheson Employees stop by Catoosa County Commission, Searching for Answers

Ringgold, GA (WDEF) – Hutcheson Medical Center employees aren’t giving up hope, as they make a last attempt to save the hospital.

Today, a group of employees decided to stop by a public meeting being held by Catoosa County Commission, after receiving an email about another company that’s now offering to buy the facility.

"This was a very promising offer, and we were told that everyone was on board for the sale of the hospital except for the Catoosa County Commissioners," said Jennifer Frazier, director of case management.

Unfortunately, many of the questions Hutcheson employees had couldn’t be answered, because the commissioners weren’t actually scheduled to attend the meeting, but the Catoosa County Manager, Jim Walker says he tried his best to answer as many as he could.

"I don’t know that I was surprised," said Walker, "I mean this is obviously not a good situation for these folks who may lose their job (and) the patients that are currently being served by the hospital. It’s not a good thing for Catoosa County, period."

Employees said saving Hutcheson isn’t just about saving their jobs. They say they’re also fighting for their patients.

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