Impeachment Reaction following New Videos

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- Thursday, Impeachment managers on the senate floor have wrapped up their presentations relating to the attack on the Capitol January 6th.

People on the streets of Chattanooga react to the latest videos presented by impeachment managers during the latest trial.

“I mean it’s… it’s shocking” said Silas Dobyns.

Two clips showing how close danger lurked both Chuck Schumer and Mitt Romney.

Both lawmakers were directed to turn around and run.

“The evidence that has been presented thus far is pretty damning” said Alaska’s Republican Senator Lisa Murkowsi.

Despite a few Republican legislators condemning the former President, some folks in Chattanooga believe the senate trial will not receive enough votes to impeach.

“Even though some republicans will be able to see through the fog, most still won’t” said William Shelton. “Their political futures depend to much on Trump voters and Trump supporters.”

Rodney Strong with Hamilton County’s Democratic Party says some Republican senators acting as jurors have already made up their minds.

“You even have stories of apparently Senator Blackburn is just sitting there reading a book” said Strong. “Other senators aren’t even in the room.”

“It is not constitutional” said James Berry of Hamilton County’s Republican Party.

Berry calls the riot at the Capitol a travesty but finds the impeachment trial to be unnecessary.

“We’re in the middle of a covid epidemic. Latest job losses came in” said Betty. “Home sales are down. We’ve got real problems. Those problems aren’t going to be fixed by making sure Donald Trump can’t run for office again.”

“The fact that he’s no longer in office shouldn’t get him out of paying it’s toll to the American people” said Dobyns.

The former presidents legal team now gears up for their defense Friday.

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